Women In
Computer Science

About Us

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is run by undergraduate students in the Computer Science program at Ryerson University to provide extra support and encouragement to the students in the program.

Goal & Mission

We want to recruit more females to pursue a degree in the CS field. Allow current students to continue learning CS with confidence. Foster retention of women and marginalized individuals in the computer science program.

To encourage students to come together, network, and socialize through events. As well, provide opportunities for female students to network with women professionals in the industry.

Our team!


Bhoomi Patel

President - 5th Year

My vision for the year 2019-2020 is to plan more events catered to empower traditionally marginalized groups in technology industry.


Liyan Al Hamlawi

VP - 4th Year

I plan to support the team and help plan events that would benefit everyone.


Ayaan Abdirizak

VP Outreach - 2nd Year

Email me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you want to collaborate with us. My vision is to attaining supportive partnerships with companies.


Deborah Mepaiyeda

VP Marketing - 5th Year

I want to use my skills and experience to help students succeed and be better prepared for the work environment.


Nika Dariani

VP Communications - 2nd Year

My goal is to help create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and unafraid to step into CS.


Prachi Kapadia

Web Developer - 5th Year

I am continously updating and maintaining the WICS website, alongside with Nimrod Eshel.


Nimrod Eshel

Web Developer - 5th Year

I am continously updating and maintaining the WICS website, alongside with Prachi Kapadia.


Suchi Patel

VP Events & Operations - 2nd Year

I want to help students realize the opportunities they can achieve in CS and to plan and execute new events accordingly.


Sabreen Hans

VP Finance - 4th Year

I want to help gain sponsorships for the team to host events through the year.


Chloe Maceda

VP Academics - 2nd Year

I hope to contribute new ideas to the table, help execute events, and share awesome opportunities to CS students to build their skillsets.


Michelle Pham

Director of Graphics - 2nd Year

I hope to expose students to the resources we have at this institution through talking and getting to know the students in the community.


Tehreen Khan

Director of Social Media - 2nd Year

I want to seek opportunities to make CS students feel empowered by broadening their skill set.


Rudelle Silveira

Event & Marketing Associate - 3rd Year

I want to contribute ideas and encourage students to become more confident in STEM fields.


Ivana Pahwa

VP Events & Operations - 2nd Year

I want to help support the team and plan events for CS students.


Long Nguyen

Executive Associate - 2nd Year

I want to support our team and make contributions.

Any Events?

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